Roaches in House?

Do you have cockroaches in your house? Well don’t panic, there are simple steps that you can take to try and stop them before they become worse.

Cleanup Your Food

The first step is to clean up your food. Cockroaches are attracted to food so don’t keep food out, either crumbs or unwashed dishes, or simply uneaten food laying around. This is imperitive, if you do not cleanup your food, and continue to cleanup your food, cockroaches will signal to each other that your home is treasure trove of free food. Take away that reason, as soon as you see your first cockroach (or before).

Cleanup Your Mess

The next step is to remove your mess. Cockroaches love to nest in damp, dark places. If you have a lot of clutter and live in a humid climate, the chances are that the cockroaches are nesting in your old stuff that you haven’t touched in ten years. A cockroach appearance is a good reason to have a garage sale, make some money, and get rid of all those enticing places for roaches to hide.

Kill the Roaches

Don’t let cockroaches run around, they leave pheromones which are chemical signals to other cockroaches. If one cockroach is allowed to live, it will tell its cockroach buddies and soon you’ll have a cockroach party in your kitchen. If you see a cockroach, track him down and kill him. If you catch them early, you can prevent a much larger problem.

Constant Vigilance

Just because you killed the one cockroach that you saw, it does not mean you are now cockroach free. You need to keep your eye out, keep your place clean, and set out traps. As with most pests, if you see one cockroach there are ten more cunning, less brave cockroaches waiting for you to turn the light off.

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