Types of Roaches

There are 3500 known species of cockroaches but only about 40 of them ever go near people. If you have cockroaches in your house, it is important to identify them properly so you know what kind of insecticides work best, how many of them there might be, and determine where best to lay your traps.

Cockroach pictures

Wood Roach

The wood roach is actually closely related in ancestry and behavior to termites. Although they are unlikely to bite you, they are a major pest in the north east united states and should be dealt with immediately.

the wood roach

American Cockroach

An american cockroach is the most common species, it is one of the larger types of cockroaches at 4cm. It is extremely fast and hates light, so it is often darting under doors and fridges when you turn on the light in the middle of the night.

the american roach

German “Hood” Cockroach

The german roach is the bitiest of all species. It is also one of the smaller roaches at a 1.5 cm average length. In the US they are coloquially known as a hood roach. Because it is smaller, the german cockroach is one of the hardest roaches to effectively get rid of.

the german roach

Asian Cockroach

The asian cockroach from Japan is very similar to the german cockroach but is also a strong flyer. This roach prefers the outdoors, so hopefully you don’t run into this hard to exterminate flying machine in your home.

the asian roach

Oriental “waterbug” Cockroach

The oriental cockroack prefers very damp environments like basements, plants, and sewers. This cockroach moves slower than most species and is about the same size as the asian roach. the oriental roach

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