Prevent Cockroach Bites

Preventing a cockroach bite is far preferrable to having to treat it afterwards. In order to prevent cockroach bites, you need to understand cockroach behavior.

Cockroaches are scavengers, they scavenge food they find on the floor and they scavenge dead animals. They are attracted to food and dead animals, so you need to mitigate your chances of being bit by a cockroach by decreasing these two things around you. Now obviously this sounds simple, and I’m not saying you cover yourselves in dead mice. What this means is that cockroaches are attracted to wounds, scabs and dead skin.

If you are in an area where there are cockroaches, and you have a number of scratches or maybe a sunburn, you are increasing the risk that a cockroach will be attracted to you.

The other important factor is that cockroaches will most likely bite you while you sleep. Or they will be crawling on you while you sleep and will bite you when you wake up and frighten the roach. So they are either biting for food, or out of fear.

A cockroach bite from fear will often be accompanied by it peeing on you. You will be able to see and or smell the acrid urine from the roach.


Food is an easy cockroach attractor to prevent. Since most cockroach bites occur while you sleep, simply make sure that you do not eat near to where you sleep. If you have crumbs in bed or dirty dishes in your bedroom, cockroaches will very likely find that food.

Crumbs in bed, will likely start sticking to your skin and this is the most common way to get a cockroach bite. A crumb sticks to your bare arm and a cockroach will end up biting you while it tries to eat the crumb.

Dirty dishes near your bed mean that you increase the chance that a cockroach will be crawling on you while sleep. If you wake up or move in your sleep, you could easily scare the roach and cause it to bite you.


If you have cockroaches and you have scabs, scratches, or wounds there are a couple things you should do. First, clean everything with a pure alcohol wipe, don’t use drinking alcohol (even vodka) since that often includes sugars and fragrances that will attract roaches. Use a rubbing alcohol you get at a pharmacy.

Second, cover your wounds with bandages so that roaches will be unable to get the dead parts in their search for food.

Dead Skin

If you have a sunburn or other reasons to have more dead skin that normal, it’s important to try scraping it off in a shower before you sleep. Your best best is to use a soft porous pumice stone to scrape away the flaking skin. You don’t need to rub to hard but just make sure you get it all. Cockroaches love dead skin.

Get rid of cockroaches

Obviously if you don’t have cockroaches you won’t get a cockroach bite. There are numerous ways to get rid your home of vermin, checkout the other pages on our site for more information.

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